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Most retirements are filled with relaxation, travel and sightseeing.

Mike McCoy wants to go back to work.

It was never the plan, McCoy said, but he couldn’t allow everything he had collected during his career to sit in a barn for only him to enjoy. So, he opened McCoy’s CAAT, a space for people to buy or at least learn about curios, antiques, art, and tapestry from around east Asia.

McCoy, the former director of the Fulbright Commission in Indonesia, collected “one of a kind pieces that have never been seen before in this country.”

“It is more of a museum than a store,” he said. “It hosts the largest Indonesian antique performance mask collection outside of the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, petrified wood from Sumatra, teak, ebony and bronze statues, to name a few of the pieces the shop.”

McCoy was born in what is now the Willowbank building, but lived mostly overseas in countries like Egypt, Syria and Brazil. He decided to return to Bellefonte where he has relatives on his mother’s side of the family for his retirement.

“It’s a nice area and a good place to retire,” he said “My business is absolutely part of my retirement. My business is a collection of unique art and antiques from Indonesia and the areas I was at overseas. It’s a large collection, and it’s time to share them. They’re all for sale, and the business is also an educational experience for anyone who comes in.”

He may also do seminars.

While the director of the Fulbright Commission in Indonesia, McCoy visited “hundreds of islands and universities and procured the most unique pieces for this collection,” in and around Indonesia. Some of the items, he said, are more than 250 years old.

“Everywhere I went I had an interest in art and unique items,” McCoy said. “I had no intention of (having a business) except to enjoy what I had collected.”

With the doors now open at 130 S. Allegheny St., everyone else can take delight in the curios, antiques, art, and tapestry, too.

The store is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Appointments may also be made to visit the store during outside of open hours.

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